Book review- Dorothy must die


First before I start I wanna let u know if u haven’t read the book there are some spoilers included here.
This is my first book review post so please bear with me, at first I had never even heard of the book or the author but one of the tags I subscribe to on pad gram is bookstagram, and I kept seeing posts of this book so it kinda caught my attention. I researched it on good reads and also the publisher site and instantly became interested. My thought was Humm a darker version of the wizard of oz, sound good. But of course I couldn’t find it anywhere and the library didn’t have it, but then I got lucky, while walking threw the book section at target it kinda jumped out at me and it was the last copy, I just knew it had to be mine. Ok enought back story.

When I first started to me it seemed a bit slow, and I was like oh no I’m not gonna like it, but I know that the author had to give the main characters backstory, Amy the loner who from a young age get teased and called trailer trash because she lives in a trailer park with her mother who is a alcoholic. Things for her weren’t always like this, it all started after her father left. Amy has always tried to stay in the shadows and stay out of trouble, but trouble always seems to find her. 

The story really begins when there is a tornado warning issued in Kansas and her mother decided that she was gonna go out with her friend to a party, telling Amy that there really isn’t anything to worry about and off she goes. 

Well without going into much detail you can imagine what happens next. Amy is in Oz. Now see this is where I thought it would get interesting but at this point she’s kinda confused and in denial. In comes the story of how Dorothy kinda became evil explained to her by the person who resues her. 

Long story short she is trying to mak her way to emerald city, pretty familiar huh. But that where the similarity ends. The adventure begins. She makes it to oz but is captured by Dorothy for helping a traitor and locked up, well this where it gets interesting, she is resued by the remaining wicked witches and recruited to fight for freeing oz from Dorothy’s  evil reign. 

This is where I’m gonna stop and say this book is the first in a 2 book series( at least as of now) for the most part in the beginning it started off slow but as I got into the book it became interesting to see what was gonna happen next and I would definitly recommend it if u like the oz story and wanna see the darker side. I’m really excited to read the second book  and see where Amy’s adventure leads her. Will she defeat Dorothy and free oz. 
Stay tuned for the second review of the second book… 
Phillymom 💋


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