To bigger and better things!

first I would like to say good afternoon, I hope everyone is doing well,  know that i have been quiet of late but there is a good reason for that. 

The reason, well me and hubby have decided that our current house is just not working for us any longer. When we first bought this house 6 yrs ago it was suppose to be our forever home.. But back then we only had two girls, and now with the new baby ther just isn’t enough space. Yes I know I could put two girls in one room, however I don’t feel that it’s right to take away a room from one of them, it’s their space and I would like to keep it that way.. So we decided to put the house up for sale however to do that the house needed a facelift in the form of some paint. Lucky for us no major work needs to be done because we just remodeled the bath and kitchen not that long ago. 

So we have been cleaning and mending and painting and boxing and all the other things needed to get done so that pictures can be taken. The realtor came today, we are using the same one that helped us but this house, she took the pics and finished with any paperwork that needs to be done and also put up the sign.  So now I can relax and just do the normal day to day things. And I promise that I will try to blog as much as I possible can.. Hopefully I’ll be writing some blogs on some books that I’m reading and write some some awesome reviews. 

Until next time



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