Just hanging with the baby!!


Good morning!!

First I would like to introduce my little munchkin Luis. Ok I’m pretty sure I may have posted a pic of him, but you know with mommy brain and the fact that I didn’t go back and check my older posts.. He is 2 months 2 weeks. And my joy. This morning even though there were things that needed to get done, I decided I wanted to just hang out with the baby. Since he is staying awake a lot longer and he is a lot more active.

I did the same thing yesterday. And while I was sitting here playing with him, I realized although I love all my kids equally there is a deeper feeling that I have for the baby.. Maybe because he is my only boy and my 2 girls are 6 and 10. Maybe because he is little and needs me more the the girls.. People have told me that there is something about boys and their mothers that they have a closer relationship..

I’m not sure about this yet.. All I know is when he looks at me everything else that maybe going just not right disappears.

Ok so now I have a question for you, if you have a son, did you or do you have this feeling or close to it.. Ok ready set and Go…



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