Way too cold!

Omg it is so cold here in Philly, I’m not even sure what the temp is but I’m pretty sure that it is below 0. Or at least it feels that way with the wind chill.

Even though charter and public schools were open today I decided that since I drive my younger one to school and I would have to take the baby out that I would give them a day off.. Plus hubby was at home sick, and I know he is sick when he doesn’t go to work. He does not take days off. So I was taking care of him, and then I had to go to work and be in by 6pm but my 10 yr old is really good about helping with the baby so I wasn’t really worried.

Work wasn’t too bad tonight, you see I work at Macy’s in the watch and fine Jewelry dept. so usually around this time of year (tax time) it can get a little crazy. But I guess since it was so cold out that when I started it was a little busy but by 7 pm it died down. On the plus side I caught a customer trying to pass off a fake 100 dollar bill. I guess he thought that since it was closing time that I would be too busy to notice.. Hahah think again I took one look at it, and also just by the feel of it I politely said I cannot accept this it is not real. And he was like ohh what.. I asked if he had another bill and he was like naw, and he didn’t want the watch. Hum I wonder it I’ll get praised for it by my manager, since it was a expensive watch he was trying to buy.

The only part of the night that I was not looking forward too was going to my car and having to wait for it to warm up.. But besides that my night went well, especially when I saw my neighbor coming home from the bar and she gave me a beer.. Yeah I needed it and I enjoyed it too.. Well now it’s time for me to get in bed, the baby is sleeping and so are my girls so I better take advantage.

I hope everyone has a great night, and if you live in a state that’s getting the tons of snow or the freezing temps, please stay safe and warm.



Just hanging with the baby!!


Good morning!!

First I would like to introduce my little munchkin Luis. Ok I’m pretty sure I may have posted a pic of him, but you know with mommy brain and the fact that I didn’t go back and check my older posts.. He is 2 months 2 weeks. And my joy. This morning even though there were things that needed to get done, I decided I wanted to just hang out with the baby. Since he is staying awake a lot longer and he is a lot more active.

I did the same thing yesterday. And while I was sitting here playing with him, I realized although I love all my kids equally there is a deeper feeling that I have for the baby.. Maybe because he is my only boy and my 2 girls are 6 and 10. Maybe because he is little and needs me more the the girls.. People have told me that there is something about boys and their mothers that they have a closer relationship..

I’m not sure about this yet.. All I know is when he looks at me everything else that maybe going just not right disappears.

Ok so now I have a question for you, if you have a son, did you or do you have this feeling or close to it.. Ok ready set and Go…


Back to work !

Good afternoon all,

just a little update. If you read my maternity leave over post you know that as of yesterday it was my first day back at work. Now all day up until it was time for me to leave I was ok, that is until my 6 yr old asked me if I really had to go. Isn’t it funny it wasn’t leaving the baby that made me want to cry but my middle child..but I explained to her that I had to go and when I got home I would give her a hug and kiss while she was sleeping. ( all while trying not to cry)

ok so made it to work and was ok, got a lot of welcome backs, and it took me a while to get into my flow, and the whole time I didn’t think about missing the baby because it was kinda busy. But as soon as 9 pm hit and it started to slow down I had a mini anxiety attack. I started missing the baby and thinking what is it that my husband is doing right now, is he giving him a bath and his bottle before putting him down, is he crying and my husband can’t calm him.. Needless to say I finally called hubby and he didn’t answer. This did not help me in the least. So I tried again And still no answer.

by this time I got worried, but my co-worker told me if he is not calling you , than everything is fine. But in my mind I’m thinking then he needs to pick up the phone when I call and say it. Ok so the store closes and I can’t wait to leave. When I get home about a half hour later I walk in and he is sleeping in his little rocker thingy. Hubby tells me he’s ok he gave him his bath and bottle and he was knocked out. I was afraid to move him but I picked him up and carried him to his crib, I held him close and told him I love him, and put him down.

He opened his eyes and smiled and fell back to sleep. In the end hubby was ok and I had nothing to worry about.

Now that I have gotten threw the first night back to work I think I’ll be ok knowing that everything will be ok without me for a few hours.

Until next time

Phillymom 💋

Maternity leave over!

Wow I can’t believe it my maternity leave for work is over as of today! And I go back to work tomorrow.. It’s crazy but part of me can’t wait and the other part doesn’t want to go. Ok let me explain. The part of me that wants to go is the part that kinda looks at work as mommy time.. Ok I know it sounds crazy cause I mean it’s work, but see I work in macys on the sales floor so it’s interaction with people and that’s one of the things that I like about my job, to me it doesn’t feel like work.
And the part that of me that doesn’t want to go back is because I have been home for 8 weeks that I got into a routine in the house and with the baby, and now I’m gonna have to change it during the week, ok mainly in the evening because I work nights so that way hubby can be at home with the girls, and the baby, it’s what works best for us. But most of all I know that I have not been away from the baby for more then an hour or two at a time and even then I was missing him like crazy. I feel very bonded to him, for some reason it’s a little different with him, ok please don’t misunderstand I have a good loving bond with both my girls but they are 10 and 6 so it’s a little different now, and also I love my all my kids equally, maybe it’s just because most of my day is spent with the baby while the girls are in school. But I must go back to work to help me with bills and the house so I’m gonna have to suck it up and try not to cry..

I know I’ll be ok I just hope I don’t have a panic attack or anxiety attack while at work..

Anyways that’s it for now, I’ll write and let you know how my first day went.