My ABC reading challenge!

It’s a new year and I realized that the one thing I love to do(besides knitting and crochet) I have pushed to the side. What is it you ask, well it’s reading. I love to read and I love books. So much so  that hubby told me to get rid of some I have packed away. Ok anyway onto the point of the post. I am challenging myself to read one book whose title starts with each letter of the alphabet. Doesn’t have to be in order.
Then if time permits and I complete the challenge before the end of the year I will do the same using authors names.


I just finished this book, love Kathy Reich’s. And I love the temperance Brennan series.. discovered the books before the show came out..


And her are some others that I am putting on my list. The top and bottom books are ones I’m revisiting because I enjoyed them and the two in the middle are ones I forgot I had that I found while cleaning out the closet in my bedroom..

Ok so now it’s your turn, what books if any are you reading and if not, would u be interested in joining my challenge with me.

💋 Phillymom


4 thoughts on “My ABC reading challenge!

  1. This looks like a good challenge. I might join you in there ^^
    The Temperance Brennan series, I will have to check it. I liked the show back in the time I was still watching it. Maybe I will find the books more appealing.

    • Why did u stop watching the show? I think it actually got better, Brennan isn’t as sterile.. I couldn’t find a better the story line of the books are a lot different then the books, but the author did that on purpose.

      • It was from lack of time and my working schedule wasn’t allowing me to keep track on the show then when I did got time, I found it difficult to get back into the story.

        I’ll definitely check the books. I’m intrigued to see the difference between them and the show.

        (sorry for the late reply)

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