Busy busy busy!

Well first I would like to wish everyone a gr8 afternoon,
There had been many things going on in my little world, first I am trying to get back into some kind of schedule with the house and cleaning, yeah not going so well ( not the cleaning part) the schedule or organization part. I’m not good with organization I just do what need to get done every day, and that to me is my schedule. But now with the baby it’s kinds

hard because most my attention is on him and things get forgotten, or I’m exhausted from lack of sleep. .

Oh I wonder how Kate Gosselin does it with 8 kids..
Anyway on to other news.

The baby is doing well, and my older ones are very helpful, well as much as they can be. And as a reward my husband decided to change from dish to comcast cable and put cable in my 6 year olds room, she already had a tv but never hooked up. And we got tired of hearing both girls fight when the little one went in my 10 year olds room to watch tv.
With the bonus of that we now have internet again so I can stop using my phone’s hotspot to go online.

Oh and I will be returning to work in about a weeks time, so I guess that will b good, I will be bringing money back into the house but also it’s moo kinda like I look at it as me time.. yeah sounds crazy but it keeps me from going nuts..

Well I guess that’s it for now. Talk to you soon
💋 Phillymom


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