New year!!

First I wanna wish everyone a happy new year!!,  I know that I have been MIA for some time now,  but there have been many things happening..  For example I just had a baby 👶..  After 2 girls I finally got my boy 👦  and let me just say yes he is a blessing and he is loved very very much,  but he was the oops baby..

OK let’s see what else can I fill u in on,  or I got a new job about a year ago,  OK over a year,  I work in macys department store in the fine ⌚ and jewelry 💍 section,  never thought I would b good at being a sales person but I am..  Oh and yes I still knit and crochet, however there are no new adventures right now..

I guess for now that’s it,  I promise use I will definitely be posting more in the coming days..  Especially since I’m gonna need something to do to keep me busy when I’m not doing the million of things around the house that I got used to hubby doing for me while he was on leave..

Talk to you soon



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