Good Morning!

Good morning all.

Today is a brand new day.. ok. Ok I know I sound too chipper but it’s just my first cup of coffee talking. 🍵 ok so had a good night with the baby, he slept really well threw most of the night and woken up at 3:30 am and again at 8:30.. considering that last week was kinda rough for me and hubby, I think I grew a few more grey hairs, and I’m only 34.  Not that lack of sleep bothers me because if u have read my blog u have seen my insomnia posts..  ok I’m rambling.. sorry 😕 . Just to give a heads up I’m on my kindle so that’s Why the emoji. Anyways this day started off ok, hubby goes back to work on Monday but right now he is sick and went to the hospital this morning, he just called and basically it’s a bad cold. Seems like everyone is getting sick.. as long as I don’t and the baby doesn’t I’m ok.. on to breakfast, I’m making chocolate chip muffins, and the funny thing is my 10 yr old came downstairs while I was about to make them and said mom ur not gonna forget to feed us when have I ever forgotten to feed my kids,  I have forgotten to feed myself because of all the things I’m doing in the house on a regular day..  ok well I think I hear one of my girls calling, so ill be back soon..


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