My ABC reading challenge!

It’s a new year and I realized that the one thing I love to do(besides knitting and crochet) I have pushed to the side. What is it you ask, well it’s reading. I love to read and I love books. So much so  that hubby told me to get rid of some I have packed away. Ok anyway onto the point of the post. I am challenging myself to read one book whose title starts with each letter of the alphabet. Doesn’t have to be in order.
Then if time permits and I complete the challenge before the end of the year I will do the same using authors names.


I just finished this book, love Kathy Reich’s. And I love the temperance Brennan series.. discovered the books before the show came out..


And her are some others that I am putting on my list. The top and bottom books are ones I’m revisiting because I enjoyed them and the two in the middle are ones I forgot I had that I found while cleaning out the closet in my bedroom..

Ok so now it’s your turn, what books if any are you reading and if not, would u be interested in joining my challenge with me.

💋 Phillymom

Busy busy busy!

Well first I would like to wish everyone a gr8 afternoon,
There had been many things going on in my little world, first I am trying to get back into some kind of schedule with the house and cleaning, yeah not going so well ( not the cleaning part) the schedule or organization part. I’m not good with organization I just do what need to get done every day, and that to me is my schedule. But now with the baby it’s kinds

hard because most my attention is on him and things get forgotten, or I’m exhausted from lack of sleep. .

Oh I wonder how Kate Gosselin does it with 8 kids..
Anyway on to other news.

The baby is doing well, and my older ones are very helpful, well as much as they can be. And as a reward my husband decided to change from dish to comcast cable and put cable in my 6 year olds room, she already had a tv but never hooked up. And we got tired of hearing both girls fight when the little one went in my 10 year olds room to watch tv.
With the bonus of that we now have internet again so I can stop using my phone’s hotspot to go online.

Oh and I will be returning to work in about a weeks time, so I guess that will b good, I will be bringing money back into the house but also it’s moo kinda like I look at it as me time.. yeah sounds crazy but it keeps me from going nuts..

Well I guess that’s it for now. Talk to you soon
💋 Phillymom

Sick mommy!

Good morning all,

I know that I haven’t posted in a few days and the reason is because… wait for it… This mommy is sick. Yup I thought that it would pass over me but no such luck, and I know just how it happened, well besides the fact that hubby by is sick.

This past Thursday Philly was freezing, like with wind chill it felt like below zero digits, and since our car decided to break down in the early part of the week, I have had to take my 6 yr old to school on public trans, super early. To get her there by 7:30 am.  So being in the freezing cold and hubby’s germs I guess it was bound to happen right.

But the thing is hubby gave me one day of rest Friday night into Saturday afternoon, before he decided to tell me he doesn’t know how I do it all, well what I told him was because my name is MOM!
So today after having a bad night not being able to sleep made an appointment with my Dr for the afternoon. Hopefully something good will come of it before I get everyone else sick.

That’s all for now
💋 phillymom

Long weekend

Happy Sunday to all,
For me it’s more like what’s so happy about it.  My husband is sick, and cranky, and no help and the baby sounds like he is congested so he is cranky and just wants to be held, ok not that I mind doing nothing comforting my baby, but…. there are other things that need to be done in the house and it’s nagging at me in my mind.
On top of all of that I woke up with a really bad headache and the sniffles. Oh no mom can’t get sick there are no sick days for us. But that the way it seems. I’m really lucky that I have a 10 year old that’s really helpful and is keeping my 6 year old busy.

I forgot what’s it’s like to have a infant in the house and how demanding it is, these are my hubby’s words not mine. Hahaha that’s what I want to say to him because he get to go back to work tomorrow,unlike me who gets to stay home not feeling well with 3 kids. Wow I’m sitting here reading this and it sounds. Like I’m really complaining, and the title of this post would be rantings of a tired mom. Haha I like that. Maybe my next post will be titled that.
Thank god the day is halfway over because if it wasn’t I would be in trouble.

That’s it for now, hope your day is better then mines.

💋 Phillymom80

Good Morning!

Good morning all.

Today is a brand new day.. ok. Ok I know I sound too chipper but it’s just my first cup of coffee talking. 🍵 ok so had a good night with the baby, he slept really well threw most of the night and woken up at 3:30 am and again at 8:30.. considering that last week was kinda rough for me and hubby, I think I grew a few more grey hairs, and I’m only 34.  Not that lack of sleep bothers me because if u have read my blog u have seen my insomnia posts..  ok I’m rambling.. sorry 😕 . Just to give a heads up I’m on my kindle so that’s Why the emoji. Anyways this day started off ok, hubby goes back to work on Monday but right now he is sick and went to the hospital this morning, he just called and basically it’s a bad cold. Seems like everyone is getting sick.. as long as I don’t and the baby doesn’t I’m ok.. on to breakfast, I’m making chocolate chip muffins, and the funny thing is my 10 yr old came downstairs while I was about to make them and said mom ur not gonna forget to feed us when have I ever forgotten to feed my kids,  I have forgotten to feed myself because of all the things I’m doing in the house on a regular day..  ok well I think I hear one of my girls calling, so ill be back soon..

New year!!

First I wanna wish everyone a happy new year!!,  I know that I have been MIA for some time now,  but there have been many things happening..  For example I just had a baby 👶..  After 2 girls I finally got my boy 👦  and let me just say yes he is a blessing and he is loved very very much,  but he was the oops baby..

OK let’s see what else can I fill u in on,  or I got a new job about a year ago,  OK over a year,  I work in macys department store in the fine ⌚ and jewelry 💍 section,  never thought I would b good at being a sales person but I am..  Oh and yes I still knit and crochet, however there are no new adventures right now..

I guess for now that’s it,  I promise use I will definitely be posting more in the coming days..  Especially since I’m gonna need something to do to keep me busy when I’m not doing the million of things around the house that I got used to hubby doing for me while he was on leave..

Talk to you soon