My adventures in knitting and crochet!

Good afternoon everyone, hope you all are having a great day so far,
Ok so just a short post…
Did you ever have those ne pair of jeans that u lord so much that you couldn’t throw them out. Well I do they are my fave pair cause. Friend gave them to me but they were too small, and since I was trying to lost weight I made it my first goal to fit into them, they were perfect with the look of being worn and torn… Well I finally did lose the weight and was able to fit into them. Well the one leg the right side the tears started to break.. Ok see pic of the left leg to see what I mean..


Ok so that’s they way they are made anyways the middle part on the right leg started to break, I’m guessing from so much wear. So I decided that I wasn’t going to throw them out but improvise something to make them my own.. And this is what I came up with…


I knitted a rectangle to fit the length of the opening and sewed it in place. Now they are my own creation and I didn’t have to throw them out! 👍💋❤

Ok now on to today’s pic of the day… Everyone have a great day and enjoy the pic!


My adventures in knitting and crochet!

Good evening everyone,

I hope everyone is having a good week so far,
Ok so I haven’t posted in a while so let me bring you up to date on all the wonderful things that I have been creating..

Well I made myself and infinity scarf slash hoodie,see pic below..



And posted the pic on Facebook.. And my sister commented that I should make them to sell, well next thing I know I get like 3 of my friends that I know since i was younger all commented that they wanted to buy one and so off to Michaels I went and this is what I bought.









And now I’m working on all my infinity scarfs.. I’m still working on my daughters tunisian crochet blanket and also a brioche scarf for myself to wear when I dress up… I’ll post more pics on the scarfs as I make them..

It has just been so busy in my house because my youngest started school..
And I have also been collecting some awesome knitting pics. So with that said I will wish everyone a good nite. Enjoy the last pic of the nite.


My adventures in knitting and crochet!

Hello all,

Hoping everyone had a good Labor Day weekend, and for those you who have school aged kids, the last days of summer..

Ok so there really isn’t any new adventures to write about, still working on the same old stuff and getting my 8 yr old and 5yr old ready for school to start so it’s been busy busy here, so I’ll just post a few good picks that I found.. And love..

Everyone have a good night. And enjoy!💋