My adventures in knitting and crohet!

Good Evening everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great friday evening! Ok so this is just an update on my blanket that i am making for my daughter for Christmas, I started with the tunisian crochet squares, but decided that I was only going to use a few to start. The first photo is of the middle squares that I first started.


As u can from the picture it wasn’t finished but it is.. It’s four squares that I stitched together for make the main middle square.

Then I added squares around one side as u will see.


The main square is in the middle and then the ones that I added on is at the top and right. If you look on the left side I started a stripe of four rows in blue,
Now im going to turn it and do another four rows in another color.. It’s a heather grey.. I guess u can say that it’s a sorta log cabin blanket in tunisian crochet..

Ok so that’s my update, this is what I’m doing on this Friday night, listening to Pandora radio on my IPad (broadway and movie soundtracks) and working on one of my Christmas presents.

Now it’s time for the pic of the day… I guess that’s why I’m going to be calling it.. So everyone have a good night and enjoy!



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