My adventures in knitting and crochet!

Good evening everyone,

While going threw my posts for my adventures i realized that i never really shared my story as to how i started with my journey into knitting and crochet.

I wish that i could say that i learned as a young girl, but alas that is not the case, yes growing up my grandmother and then my mother both crocheted, and when i was little i did try to learn, but the p with that was both my mom and grandmother both were left handed and i am a righty, so it was difficult to learn but i am happy to say that i did learn the basic chain stitch..

Ok so on to present day, more then a year ago my best friend got pregnant with her first child, and i had asked my mom to crochet a baby blanket for me and sad to say she was still recovering from having surgery to remove and aneurysm from a yr earlier yes she was back to her normal self but she still sometimes had weakness in her hands, and i thought that crocheting would be a qgood thing for her, but she told me no, which was ok, she also knew that i had been teaching myself to knit(it was a way of coping with ppd) after my second child, which did help instead of taking meds..

So she told me to make the blanket myself, which i am happy to say i did and my best friend loved it, imperfections and all.. Well after making that blanket i guess u could say that the bug hit.. So i decided to have my mom verbally teach me crochet, along with online tutorials. And since then i have not looked back..

I love the calmness i get when i am knitting for crocheting. I usually take some quiet time after dinner, and also after the kids are in bed.. It brings me calmness and quiet to my mind..

Ok so now i wanna hear your story, when did first start your craft of choice, did someone teach you or are you self taught? How do you feel when you are working on your projects?
Now its time for my daily photo… Hope everyone had a great night and enjoy!



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