My adventures in knitting and crocheting!

Good evening everyone,
I hope everyone is having a great night, I know that I am..
Well I have started some of my Christmas knitting, ok I know. Mentioned it before I am making a blanket for my 8 year old, and I know that I stated that I was making a spa basket with knitted and crocheted wash cloths.. That one is going to be for my BFF who is more like a sister to me..ok anyways for my MIL.. I am making a kitchen set.. Ok I’m not following any specific pattern, but so far I have made a dish cloth(which is basically the same as a wash cloth)and also I guess u could say a hand towel for drying your hands or whatever.. For the hand towel I did not follow any kinda pattern, I kinda played around with it..I had made one for my self a while back and I love it, so I did the same idea for the one that I just finished.. ( maybe I need to write down the pattern that I made up) anyways I’m rambling so instead I’ll just share the pics and you guys tell me what you think..

Have a good night and enjoy 💋




2 thoughts on “My adventures in knitting and crocheting!

  1. I guess we need to think about the big day, I have not started making anything but I have a list on the go of what I want to make.
    This time I want to make mittens and slippers.

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