My adventures in knitting and crocheting!

Hello everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend!

I had a great weekend with my mom, went to go visit on Saturday and of course I took some knitting and a crochet project that I am working on. You might remember I mentioned that I am working on tunisian crochet squares for a blanket for my oldest daughter, also took some wash cloths that I am knitting for Christmas spa baskets, anyway my mom who had not crocheted in quite a while because of her health saw me doing that squares and said ohh I miss crocheting so of course since. He more then one ballot yarn with me I handed her a ball and a size h crochet hook and said make any kinda squares you want but make sure that they are the same size as the ones that I am doing, and I also gave her a finished square to compare.. So outside on the front step we went with
Our yarn and crochet hooks and sat and crocheted.. And guess what it felt really nice to do it, everyone that passed by smiled and made nice comments about us sitting together..

By the end of the night when the street kits came on we called it a night and went inside and relaxed..

I told my mom that I’m going to start coming over every Saturday so that we can crochet and knit(I’m the knitter) and she said that she would like that.. And my father said.. Uhh ohh that means I’m going to have to start buying her yarn again.. Not that he minds…

Anyway that’s the adventure that I had this weekend, I started mother daughter knit and crochet day…and I wonder what took me so long…

Hope everyone has a good night.. Please enjoy yet another great photo I found..



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