My adventures in knitting and crochet

First I hope everyone is having a happy Monday,

Yes I know that I have been missing in action but I swear I have a good excuse, I was in the hospital.. Won’t really go into details, but it took me a minute to be fly back to 100%.. But in the mean time I have some goodies to share, I was working on a hat for a friends new baby and also a cocoon, which she loved.. Would have made her some more things but as mentions I was out of commission for a moment.

Also I am making my first sock, thank to Knit Picks and their wonderful tutorial by Kelley.. Almost done my fist sock. Not sure how I’m feeling about knitting socks but I’ll finish anyways..
Also making a tunisian square blanket for my oldest daughter for Christmas.. The hardest work is making all the squares, and also working on another blanket that maybe be hubby’s Christmas gift.. Not really sure yet..

Anyway I guess that it for now..for now enjoy the pics of my sock in progress.



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