My New Passion

Seeing as this is a post about my new passion that I have I figured that the color of the text fit in well.. I love this color too!! ok anyways on to my new passion which really isn’t new at all, I guess you can really say that it is a rediscovery of the activity.. ok so u are probably guess what the heck is she talking about, ok well I have always loved cooking, although my hubby might not agree with that, yeah I have my moments of laziness but really I do love cooking, I mean I was so excited about getting my kitchen redone and im very anal so to speak about who is in the kitchen when I am cooing, I hate having people in the kitchen, I feel like it is my space to create. and I am leaning a whole lot of stuff. I love to play with recipes, which my husband hates cause he says sometimes he

doesnt know what to expect for dinner and he gets afraid.. for example

first homemade pizza

The Saturday that i made this, i just happen to be at target and got the idea to buy a pizza shell, I already had all the other fixin’s. later on that after non my lovely husband was like om for dinner tonight it’s either chinese or pizza. so i jumped at the chance to make this, and what do u think he said oh no what are creating now.. but of course it was delish. it was a spinach pepperoni pizza with lots of mozzarella and a 3 italian cheese blend..  of course u cant see the pepperoni it’s under the spinach and it was a surprise for him. and it was a hit with my kids… yummy

So u see this  isn’t a new thing its a rediscovered thing..  i love finding recipes and tweaking them.. but that’s a whole other post that I will leave for another day. and believe me I have a story and a recipe.. to share.. 

Until Than,

Happy Blogging