just a quick random insomnia driven post.. sitting here reading all the blogs that i am subscribed to, which is like only 2 and i realized that im not writing alot, humm so i decided that since i cant sleep, yeah not sure if its a mommy thing, its not like i have any newborns in this house, but i have been this way since my youngest was a newborn she is almost 4 now.. i think that my body got used to being awake more then alsleep. and yes i do have those night when i crash super hard before anyone else in my house, but i am trying to correct my sleeping behavior. anyway i realized that i am not being as faithful to my blogging as i had orginally planned on being, why is that, well it seeems that my everyday life is kinda boring. The things that i used to love doing, reading a great book, hanging out with friends, taking a walk all by myself, i kinda stopped doing. so there really isnt anything to write about. unless u really want to know how many times i ran up and down the stirs in one hour to take my daughter potty, my blog would be pretty boring. so heres to my random post..


Here’s an idea! maybe if i slept more i would have time to get back to the things that i love!!!


But for Now Long Live MY RANDOMNESS!!!!!!

To the beginning of a New Year!

Ok i know, its the new year well technically it is the 3rd day of the year but who counting. ok anyway there probably are so many post about the new year and all the things that the poster wants to do,be,see and so forth, so im not going to bore u with all the things that i want to do be and see. I’m goingto make a list. and u can take from it whatever u wish.

1. Lose Weight. – yeah i know thats on everyones list. but the reason that it is #1 is bc i really need to lose weight no i am not seriously over weight or even obese or anything like that i am about 20 too much for my height. yes i am a shorty at 4’11 1/2. anyway ts starting to affect me in some not so great ways.

2. Become a Better Mother – take from that sentence anything that u wish, im not a bad mother i jsut want to be a better mother, what i mean by this is making more time to spend with each one of my 2 girls individually, so that they can grow as people and me knowing that sometimes the undivided attention is more important than anything else. It will let me get the chance to know them better as individuals and understand their personalities better.

3. Become a better Person- I guess that this should be number 2 but my kids come before self that is why it is third on the list. i know that to be a better person i need to be able to listen to others more and be more open and trusting with my thpoughts and emotions. sometime though for me that is hard. why i cant really tell u because i dont know. no there was not some major event in my life that made me this way. its just me..

ok so this is my post for the new year, like i said take from it what u will do with it what u will. its not a resolution list, its just things that i want to be better at this year. i know that these are things that i can do not things that i wish i could do or hope to do.

so on that note everyone have a great year!!!