christmas is just around the corner!

ok so it is november 2nd and halloween just passed and we didnt even reach thankgiving. yeah i cant wait. its going to be the first thanksgiving dinner that i cook in my new kitchen, ok so its not so new anymore but its still new to me. i go out to the stores yesterday and what is it that i see, everyone is putting up christmas stuff, i mean come on now, i love christmas, and i get excited every year right after thanksgiving. I mean for instance i was the first one on my block last year to decorate, my proch started out basic, and then my hubby got into the spirit and by the 2nd week of dec it looked like a decorating compatition on my block. who go go all out. i know how the rtail industry works, i work in it, but please please let me get threw to thanksgiving first huh. cause then that means that i have to start planning a christmas dinner . and guess what im not sure if im up for it. i guess it all depends on how thanksgiving foes.
Ok so to all the retailers out there i know that u want my business but please dont rush me. im still planning out my christmas shopping list.