can I do it?

so it is spring and i have decided that it is time for me to shed a few pounds.. i am not over weight.. ok ok im not that overwight for my height i weight about 139 i should be around the 120’s.. but guess what sometime those who have kids have a little bit more trouble losing those extra pounds…

ok anyway i do watch what i eat and also i dont eat junk food on a daily basis.. so that has really helped but i want to atleast get in the 120’s i wonder if i can really do it.. i know that i have the energy to do it but its all about the will power…

so today is the first day of my new weightloss plan.. which will consist of exercising more(even thought i have to kids one is a 3 yr old that that i chase all day) which should be exercise enough i also have Zumba for my Wii… which i love. and i have slacked off just a bit with that.. and watching what i eat.. or rather eating healthier,..

So wih me luck! Im gonna need it!


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