when will winter be over!

ahh here in philly its freezing and her in my house everyone is either getting over being sick or starting o get sick, ohh and my cat got out and im waiting for her to come home, i know where she is at but she wont come when i call and im afraid for her casue its cold.. ok i know that was off topic but it actually had something to do with my post , i woke up this morning feeling a cold coming on, yes when you have kids its going to happen, now even though i am feeling liek crap i have to go outside every 10 -15 minutes to call the cat.. and its cold.. yes cold and i know that by tomorrow i will be sicker…

right about now i wish that its were spring and nice outside, that way i wouldnt mind as much about going outside to look for the cat. ohh did i tell you its my hubby fault she got out, i told him that when she is near the kitchen if you are going to open the back dorr for any reason make sure that u chase her out the room she is one sneaky girl..