a few days after christmas!

ok so i know that i have been mia for some time now.. well there was just so much going on between thanksgiving and christmas…

heres a rundown of all the things that i had to get done.. that is besides my usually everyday chores.. find buy and bring home christmas presents and hide them… so u know how hard that is when you have a nosey 6 yr old.. that wants to know where you were and what di u bring back.. but i got that accomplished..

then my 6 yr olds winter show that they presented at another school because the school that she goes to does not have a auditorium.. and it happened to snow that day… and we jsut made it as her class was about to go on stage.. well anyway she had fun and enjoyed it..

thank god dall the decorations were already put up for christmas and the tree cause i dont think i would have been able to get it all done..

oh and right before christmas they did report cards and my 6 yr old got such a good report card that i decided since she kept asking for a nintendo DS that instead of the DS i would buy her the Wii.. that way we could all play..

even thought my hubby is not a tradional person when it comes to christmas there are things that i must do liek the light show and dickens village.. which i did take my daugther to see and we enjoyed it i even took pics..
then come christmas ever and me and my daugther watched a christas carol and tracked santa but of course i could not get my 2 yr old to sleep she kept saying santa.. like she jsut wanted to see him.. finally when i thought that she was sleeping in my bed i started to put the presents under the tree.. well she came down the steps and was like mommy whats going on.. and i was like what what ohh santa came.. and i quickly took her back up stairs of course my hubby was sleeping on the couch knowed out from the coquito he drank(spanish version of eggnog)

so thats my chrisstmas.. christmas morning was great too my 6 yr old loved the wii.. and my 2 yr old loved her baby doll stroller… christmas day was spend doing absolutly nothing… but playing.. now its almost time to clean up all the toys and the boxes and start to put everything away.. yeah i dont feel like it… ost of the stuff is still under the tree..

ok off i go to play with my girls…


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