the winter holiday school show

ok so this is my first holiday with my daugther in kindergarten and she goes to a bi-lingual charter school that is very adamant about parents participating in school events.. they want to see that the family is supportive of the school and if the children, ok so on to my story, yesterday here in philly it snowed not alot but enough to make things difficult. my husband was not home by his usual time and so as i woke up from the nap that i took with my two girls im calling him because it is 5 pm and we have to be there at 6. my daugthers class is performing and she was very excited about it… he tells me that his car has over heated and that he is still trying to make his way home.. and he doesnt think that we are going.. so i think to myself would it be ok to tell a lie.. i tell him ur daugther has a good part in the show(thats the lie) and that she was looking forward to it. well he made it home safely i might add and his mom came to babysit the younger one and we took a cab to where the show was going to be.. made it just as her class was going on to stage i threw her in line and found my seat..

she liked it had alot of fun and the show was great, except for some of the rude people talking in the row behind me.. i kept saying something and of course my hubby was like ur going to get jumped.. i told him that if people wanted to be rude then i have the right to say something im not there to hear them im there to hear the kids.. they actually had to stop a few times cause it got pretty noisy.. it was the older kids and some adults too.. im sorry but if u go to a school performance shouldnt you atleast have the courtesy to be quiet when there is someone on stage. i mean what if it were u up there..

but all in all we had fun, and the kids worked hard and seemed to enjoy it..


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