spongebob and the cat in the hat

i now know the real reason that i got a dvr with my cable and pay the extra 5 bucks and i thank god for it everyday.. its cause my 2 yr old is now obsessed with spongebob and the cat in the hat.. and of course you know that it isnt on all day long.. so i record a few episode of each and play them for her when she yells cat mommy cat.. i know that she mean the cat in the hat.. its the same thing with spongebob.. anything to make my baby happy.. the other day my hubby said that he was going to shut off the cable and i told him that if he didnt want to see me in a mental institution he would for the love of god not do it…

when he asked why i told him.. i would not be able to get threw the day without spongebob or the cat in the hat.. ok this is making me seem like i stick my child in front of the tv. but i really dont when we get home from taking my 5 yr old to school she sits in her stroller.. i guess its comfy and watches tv wit hher blankie while i figure out what it is that i have to do for the day..

i know that i went threw the sa,e thing with my other daugther but the difference was that she was obsessed with calliou.. which i hated.. that show is so annoying.. so i leaned that this time around not to even put that one on.. i dont think that i could deal with calliou.. ahhh i wish that they would just showing reruns already!


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