when things breakdown!

Good morning, its monday nov 8th and its been a long weekend… this past sat urday we discovered a leak in the pipe underneath the sink, which i have been telling my hubby for some time that i think that there was water under there… but of course he didnt pay attention. so now it got worse.. when the person that we had some fix it we discovered that the previous owner of the house had it covered with tape. and of course you couldnt tell because of the way that it looked and we also discovered that the pipe was rotted to the point that there was nothing left.. almost just tape.. what i dont understand is when you go to sell a house how can you in good faith fix something half-assed(excuse the expression) and know that it is not something that will be detected in the home inspection… not say anything know that there are kids in the house.. just like they did the same thing with the chimmney.. we had to replace the furnance last dec because supposely it was leaking carbon minoxide and the gas company shut it down.. so because we couldnt hold them responsible because they did what they were asked to do when we did the inspection we had to pay for it.. but then a week later my furnance shut down and the company that installed it came out and checked it they told us that it was the chimmney sending a back draft,, which should not be.. come to find out that when we asked them to repair the chimmney they had some one brick it higher so u couldnt tell.. ohh needless to say we had them pay for the repair… they didnt fo the job right the first time.. i just dont get it..

so make sure that if you are a first time home buyer you do alot of research and know what it is that you are looking at and for.. whne you do the home inspection.. cause there were alot of things that i have recently learned.. and we have been in this house almost 2 yrs


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