I did not run away from my kids!

regardless of what my hubby says today when thing got really heated in the house today.. well that would be due to the disrespect that my daugther was showing me.. no matter what i did correcting her trying to help her with her homework my hubby kept yelling at me cause he didnt knwo the whole story.. ok im going to give an example today when i was sitting here with my daugther trying to helo her with her homework i was trying to explain what it was that she had to do but guess what she kept interrupting me and telling me that i was wrong.. of course my hubby walks in the house and see this and starts yelling at me.. guess what i give up.. it got to the point where i told him that if he didnt know that whole situation he has no right to yell at me and i was tired of the disrespect that i got in the house i was so upset i left the house, but the only reason why i did so was to prevent an argument from esculatin.. would u believe that he texts me and says yeah i cant handle the pressure that why i ran away from my kids.. and that he was going to call the cops and say that i abandoned them.. huh that didnt scare me cause after i left i called my mom… so she called him and spoke with him… he has finally figured out that its not always me… and that unless he knows the full story he should not jump to conclusions.. yes i ran away but not from my kids


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