The New Me!

When i was a teenager and in my early 20’s there was a time that i did not go out without looking my best or atleast put together.. i always had on makeup, not over done but natural of course.. these past few days i have come to reflect on some things in my life, one of them was that there had to be a reason why my hubby wasnt really paying attention to me.. i mean in the form of no compliments or anything and i have come to realize that since i had kids i have let my self go.. not in the form that i gained weight or anything like that.. i was less now then i did after i had my first child.. but in the fact that i dont put on makeup anymore unless its a special occasion.. or im going out.. i dont really really get dress anymore unless its jeans and a tee shirt. and i think that this is the reason.. so this past weekend i went to work and i put on some makeup, just to see if he would notice, and guess what he did and so did everyone in work, they all said that i look nice with makeup.. and that i should do it more often.. so i decided that from now on i would try to atleast put on some mascara and lipgloss even if im in the house so that i can feel good about myself…

i know that there are alot of mother’s out there that this happens to… the only thing that i would suggest is to is try and do something for yourself to make u feel good..


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