so here it is another day done!

here it is another day is finished and what have i accomplished today, umm i started pulling out the winter cloths so that i can add them to the wash that i already have to finish, oh and i got roped into going into work tomorrow.. that’s not going to be fun.. that will mean that i have to make sure that dinner is done before i go.. and i wont get to finish that laundry pile.. but lets see what else got done today well i got stressed looking for some papers that i know i put on the table in my organizer but they are not there, and of course my hubby swears he doesn’t know..

they will turn up ohh and i was able to put the laundry that has been sitting away.. i got to straighten up the house, which once again looks a mess and i got exhausted, so i guess that much didnt get done.. and theres still so much more i cant een think right now.. itsnt it lovely being a mom and housewife…


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