There was a time… when

there was a time when me and my hubby were happy, but now a days i dont know it seems that no matte what i do he is always bitchin about something that i didnt do or couldnt get to.. i mean come on i literally stopped working during the week, which is a hugh blow to my pay just so that i couuld stay home with my kids, and make sure that all the things that i wasnt getting done in the house got done, but believe it een doing that isnt enough

there are days when all i do is pick up clean and cook and thats after i get up at 6:30 in the morning, even though i just went to sleep at like 2 am, jsut to make sure that my 5 yr old wakes up on time and gets ready on top of getting me ready and my 2 year old.. after taking her to school by the time that i get back its almost 9 i have to get my 2 yr old settled in front of the t.v so that i can make her breakfast and try to figure out what it is that i need to get started on… but he doesnt see that all he sees is the house is messy, well it was clean and tidy until my 5 yr old came home and started playing with my 2 yr old..

while all this is going on im over here trying to figure out what it is that i am making for dinner, by this time i am trying to get my 2 yr old for a nap and my 5 yr old to quiet down now its 3:30 and i still dont know what’s for dinner.. uhh im frustrated so what is it that i do i become creative and make something up.. yeah thats my specialty and whatever i do always comes out good.. now he home and its time for him to start complaining about something at this time i try to tune hime out but it always ends up me getting mad.. but guess what he ate that dinner i made.. ohh he always brings up ohh yeah well i cleaned all saturday while you wre at work.. but guess what by the time that i get home you wouldnt know it cause the house looks like a tornao hit it.. i swear he wants a damn medal.. there used to be a time where i was praised and ii got flowers and compliments, now all i get is a damn headache.. i swear i think that there is a club just for husbands that gives them a new topic to bitch about everyday.. lol if there is i need to give them a piece of my mind.. dammit us mother/houswives work hard and we arent appreciated.. so if we dont start getting noticed for all the hard work that we do i swear im going on strike.. let the men start doing some work around the house and then see how u feel when w bitch and complain.


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