i wonder if ..

i wonder if all the work that i have done today will make hubby shut up for a minute.. if you read my previous post about ther was a time, then you know that lately my hubby has been coming home bitching about everything.. and im tired of it… my moms says to bite my tongue cause its probably something at work bothering him and he is venting at home.. well guess what leave work at work, dont come home and bitch here casue you cant or wont do so there.. finally i got all the laundry done.. and i straightened and swept all the rooms and done stairs is clean.. so lets see, can he come home today and bitch.. ohh i bet that he will find something, and the minute that he does guess what im walking out the house and ill come back later.. all the stress i have right now from him is causing me to not eat right and also no sleep right, if you saw me right now ill look like i havent slept in a few days.. it actually feels like when i first had my first child.. and i didnt sleep. lol isnt that funny… i need to come up with a solution o this issue that i have with him or else im going to have bigger issues.. humm maybe if i stop washing his cloths he’ll finally get it.. how long can he go without clean undies.. humm i think that i might just give it a try, the reason that i say this is cause in my house i have a rule, do not touch the washing machine, it new and i cant afford another new one.. if you need somethign washed just tell me… ok i think that this is what i will do and see who wins…


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