just another saturday!

good morning everyone, well its saturday and i have work in a few hours. but to get the day started this is what i did, my hubby woke me up at 9, but i didnt get out of bed until almost 9:30 my 2 yr old was laying with me and i love the cuddle time that i get with her. my 5 yr old is down the st with my MIL.. so i had a hectic free night hich let me go to be @ 9 with the baby.. anyays when i woke up i made the baby breakfast with consisted of oatmeal, she has a thing for oatmeal now and got ready to to hang out the laundry that i once again forgot on the washing machine. lol thats what happens when i do too many things at once, this is probably the reason that i went to bed at 9 last night, now i am washing the jeans and waiting for them to finish.. so that i can hang them up.. then it off to get ready for work, this is just the typical saturday in my house, thank god that my hubby will mop the floors for me cause thats just something that i am not gong to be able to get done, see thats the only thing that i ask him to do on the weekends, mop all the floors in the house..


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