It’s a rainy friday!

good morning everyone, how is everyones day? i hope that your day is going better then mines, uhh it seems that today it is going to be raining all day, i hate when it rains for days on end, it depresses me and i dont want to do anything, but like all moms and housewives i have so much to get dont i still have baskets of cloths to put away and now seems to be the time to do it because my 5 yr old is in school and my 2 yr old is watching sesame st, but what is it that i am doing instead of my work, im browsing the internet.. i should not be here i should be doing the things that i know need to get down, but guess what i guess that you can blame the rain, i have always bee nthis way when it rains, even when i was a young girl, all i wanted to do was chill.. haha

too bad that i can do just that so off i go to do the chores that need to be done. its going to be a long day.. to top it all off i need to start getting the stuff togther for my daugthers project and i dont have any of the materials, well except for the glue and construction paper, but i still need photos and the bags that she needs to make the photo books with. uhh i forgot what it was like doing homework since its been so long.. ok off i go to get the jobs of the day done!


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