I did not run away from my kids!

regardless of what my hubby says today when thing got really heated in the house today.. well that would be due to the disrespect that my daugther was showing me.. no matter what i did correcting her trying to help her with her homework my hubby kept yelling at me cause he didnt knwo the whole story.. ok im going to give an example today when i was sitting here with my daugther trying to helo her with her homework i was trying to explain what it was that she had to do but guess what she kept interrupting me and telling me that i was wrong.. of course my hubby walks in the house and see this and starts yelling at me.. guess what i give up.. it got to the point where i told him that if he didnt know that whole situation he has no right to yell at me and i was tired of the disrespect that i got in the house i was so upset i left the house, but the only reason why i did so was to prevent an argument from esculatin.. would u believe that he texts me and says yeah i cant handle the pressure that why i ran away from my kids.. and that he was going to call the cops and say that i abandoned them.. huh that didnt scare me cause after i left i called my mom… so she called him and spoke with him… he has finally figured out that its not always me… and that unless he knows the full story he should not jump to conclusions.. yes i ran away but not from my kids

The New Me!

When i was a teenager and in my early 20’s there was a time that i did not go out without looking my best or atleast put together.. i always had on makeup, not over done but natural of course.. these past few days i have come to reflect on some things in my life, one of them was that there had to be a reason why my hubby wasnt really paying attention to me.. i mean in the form of no compliments or anything and i have come to realize that since i had kids i have let my self go.. not in the form that i gained weight or anything like that.. i was less now then i did after i had my first child.. but in the fact that i dont put on makeup anymore unless its a special occasion.. or im going out.. i dont really really get dress anymore unless its jeans and a tee shirt. and i think that this is the reason.. so this past weekend i went to work and i put on some makeup, just to see if he would notice, and guess what he did and so did everyone in work, they all said that i look nice with makeup.. and that i should do it more often.. so i decided that from now on i would try to atleast put on some mascara and lipgloss even if im in the house so that i can feel good about myself…

i know that there are alot of mother’s out there that this happens to… the only thing that i would suggest is to is try and do something for yourself to make u feel good..

so here it is another day done!

here it is another day is finished and what have i accomplished today, umm i started pulling out the winter cloths so that i can add them to the wash that i already have to finish, oh and i got roped into going into work tomorrow.. that’s not going to be fun.. that will mean that i have to make sure that dinner is done before i go.. and i wont get to finish that laundry pile.. but lets see what else got done today well i got stressed looking for some papers that i know i put on the table in my organizer but they are not there, and of course my hubby swears he doesn’t know..

they will turn up ohh and i was able to put the laundry that has been sitting away.. i got to straighten up the house, which once again looks a mess and i got exhausted, so i guess that much didnt get done.. and theres still so much more i cant een think right now.. itsnt it lovely being a mom and housewife…

There used to be a time when….

There used to be a time when all I did was wake up and go to work, but that was before i got married and had kids

There used to be a time when I got home all I did was chill out and watch a movie, but that was before I got married had kids

There used to be a time that I didn’t have to report to anyone on where I was going, but that was before I got married and had kids

There used to be a time when i could drop whatever i was doing and go out with the girls, but that was before i got married and had kids.

There was a time when i used to buy whatever i wanted for
myself not not worry about the money, but that was before i got married and had kids.

There was a time when i was able to read a relly good book in one sitting, but that was before i got married and had kids.

There was a time when i sat and though i want to get married and have kids..

Now there are times when I sit here and think…What was I thinking back when there was a time… I could have just taken my Time

Cause now it seems like i dont have enough time…

i wonder if ..

i wonder if all the work that i have done today will make hubby shut up for a minute.. if you read my previous post about ther was a time, then you know that lately my hubby has been coming home bitching about everything.. and im tired of it… my moms says to bite my tongue cause its probably something at work bothering him and he is venting at home.. well guess what leave work at work, dont come home and bitch here casue you cant or wont do so there.. finally i got all the laundry done.. and i straightened and swept all the rooms and done stairs is clean.. so lets see, can he come home today and bitch.. ohh i bet that he will find something, and the minute that he does guess what im walking out the house and ill come back later.. all the stress i have right now from him is causing me to not eat right and also no sleep right, if you saw me right now ill look like i havent slept in a few days.. it actually feels like when i first had my first child.. and i didnt sleep. lol isnt that funny… i need to come up with a solution o this issue that i have with him or else im going to have bigger issues.. humm maybe if i stop washing his cloths he’ll finally get it.. how long can he go without clean undies.. humm i think that i might just give it a try, the reason that i say this is cause in my house i have a rule, do not touch the washing machine, it new and i cant afford another new one.. if you need somethign washed just tell me… ok i think that this is what i will do and see who wins…

There was a time… when

there was a time when me and my hubby were happy, but now a days i dont know it seems that no matte what i do he is always bitchin about something that i didnt do or couldnt get to.. i mean come on i literally stopped working during the week, which is a hugh blow to my pay just so that i couuld stay home with my kids, and make sure that all the things that i wasnt getting done in the house got done, but believe it een doing that isnt enough

there are days when all i do is pick up clean and cook and thats after i get up at 6:30 in the morning, even though i just went to sleep at like 2 am, jsut to make sure that my 5 yr old wakes up on time and gets ready on top of getting me ready and my 2 year old.. after taking her to school by the time that i get back its almost 9 i have to get my 2 yr old settled in front of the t.v so that i can make her breakfast and try to figure out what it is that i need to get started on… but he doesnt see that all he sees is the house is messy, well it was clean and tidy until my 5 yr old came home and started playing with my 2 yr old..

while all this is going on im over here trying to figure out what it is that i am making for dinner, by this time i am trying to get my 2 yr old for a nap and my 5 yr old to quiet down now its 3:30 and i still dont know what’s for dinner.. uhh im frustrated so what is it that i do i become creative and make something up.. yeah thats my specialty and whatever i do always comes out good.. now he home and its time for him to start complaining about something at this time i try to tune hime out but it always ends up me getting mad.. but guess what he ate that dinner i made.. ohh he always brings up ohh yeah well i cleaned all saturday while you wre at work.. but guess what by the time that i get home you wouldnt know it cause the house looks like a tornao hit it.. i swear he wants a damn medal.. there used to be a time where i was praised and ii got flowers and compliments, now all i get is a damn headache.. i swear i think that there is a club just for husbands that gives them a new topic to bitch about everyday.. lol if there is i need to give them a piece of my mind.. dammit us mother/houswives work hard and we arent appreciated.. so if we dont start getting noticed for all the hard work that we do i swear im going on strike.. let the men start doing some work around the house and then see how u feel when w bitch and complain.

just another saturday!

good morning everyone, well its saturday and i have work in a few hours. but to get the day started this is what i did, my hubby woke me up at 9, but i didnt get out of bed until almost 9:30 my 2 yr old was laying with me and i love the cuddle time that i get with her. my 5 yr old is down the st with my MIL.. so i had a hectic free night hich let me go to be @ 9 with the baby.. anyays when i woke up i made the baby breakfast with consisted of oatmeal, she has a thing for oatmeal now and got ready to to hang out the laundry that i once again forgot on the washing machine. lol thats what happens when i do too many things at once, this is probably the reason that i went to bed at 9 last night, now i am washing the jeans and waiting for them to finish.. so that i can hang them up.. then it off to get ready for work, this is just the typical saturday in my house, thank god that my hubby will mop the floors for me cause thats just something that i am not gong to be able to get done, see thats the only thing that i ask him to do on the weekends, mop all the floors in the house..